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        Ma on shan PangBoZhu industry co., LTD. Is located in anhui DangTu economic development zone,Shanghai-chengdu and WanGan railway in the east, The golden waterway in the west,From the importance of nanjing airport45Kilometers,Location advantage is obvious,Developed and convenient transportation。
        Company existing staff230People,Fixed assets3550More than ten thousand yuan,Plant area18500Square meters,All kinds of production equipment300Multiple sets,Rely on quality at colleges and universities in anhui industrial and technical strength,With many successes in the field of casting and certain popularity。
        The four core casting production line:Lost foam casting production line;Sand casting production line;Sodium silicate solution casting production line;Silica sol solution casting production line。
Industry information
  《National medium and long-term plan for science and technology development(2006~2020Years)》Make clear a regulation“High-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment”Major projects of science and technology“Focus on development of aeronautics and astronautics、The ship、Automobile manufacturing、Power generation equipment manufacture and so on need of high-end CNC machine tools”,“Gradually improve China's high-end CNC machine tools based manufacturing complete sets of equipment and independent development capacity,Meet the basic requirement of domestic main industry of manufacturing equipment”。To the2020Years,Formation of high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment main products of independent development...
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  We adhere to industry standards,With unremitting efforts,Ensure the quality of manufacturing system and guarantee system of globalism,To show our good image to the customer。