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The customer is supreme、The prestige for this、Safety first
Changzhou is often a exhibition tent co., LTD(Often a tent for short),Was founded2006Years,Located in the manufacturing of town, wujin district, changzhou, jiangsu province, remote town,The company covers an area of7000Square meters,From changzhou airport,High-speed rail station in changzhou,Changzhou long-distance bus station only half an hour,The traffic is very fast。
As a professional tent manufacturer,The company was founded ten years,Adhere to the professional development path,Constantly improve the quality of the products,At present there are two kinds of products from the structure points:Steel structure and awning room full aluminium structure tent;Out of shape...
Product display
Aluminum alloy tent
Full aluminum awning room has the luxurious appearance atmosphere、The characteristics of stable performance,Especially for large-scale exhibition、Etiquette activities(Applicable specifications3-50...
Steel awning room
Steel awning room has stable performance and affordable price,Get the favour of part of the consumer(Applicable specifications3-18M)。
Pointed canopy room
Corners of canopy room in business、Activities、Widely used in entertainment,Because it has a unique design,Give a person with beautiful、The feeling of luxury。
Alien awning room
Alien awning room has a unique shape,Can change shape according to customer's requirements,As long as you can imagine,We can do for you。
The film structure
Large span gas film of membrane structure architecture is the use of gas as the main body of building system。The film structure as a kind of large span structures,USES the high strength...
Luxury ger
Ger by aluminum alloy,Mesh,Push rod(Mesh and plunger materials for foamed plastics);Strong safety、Beautiful and easy is your best choice...
Why did you choose us
  • Build flexible products Using the variable It happenedComplete supporting facilities
  • We areCooperation with many well-known enterprises,Such asQingdao beer festivalNanchang railway stationWaiting the sail The international dragon boat race
  • In the past10In the year,Our salesAnnual growth20%
  • We believe we can satisfy you as a friendly、Reliable factoryAll the needed
  • The customer is supremeIs our service tenet
  • High quality productsIs the assurance of our existence
  • Save for the customerIs our eternal pursuit
  • 0519-88704950
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  • ISO9001(In Chinese)

  • SGSChinese version

  • Alibaba certification

  • TUV

  • Trademark certificate

  • The latest business license
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Address:Changzhou wujin district seat remote view town remote view down the shore308Number  The mailbox:info@zhainantuba.cn  Domestic phone calls:0519-88704950 、13775101318  Fax:0519-88521668
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