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The fall days in September,Portable coal crusher manufacturer gongyi JiFeng machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Welcome you to visit JiFeng machinery's official website!1985Years1Month21Day,The sixth session of the 9th meeting of the standing committee of the National People's Congress a resolution,Will every year9Month10As teacher's day in China,Thank you for putting to reassure the teacher。Teachers is known as the engineer of the human soul,Teachers are often praised as a brilliant career under the sun。Teachers work with each family、Each of the children、The young、Youth is closely linked。In the development and progress of human society,Teachers play a huge role。Teachers are casting engineers of human civilization,Is a promoter of human civilization and the builder。Thank you for your attention JiFeng mechanical website,Welcome call mobile coal crusher series products technical advice:13673657000!
    Crusher is the large size solid raw material crushing to the required size of the machinery。
    Mill by coarse crushing、Finely、Pneumatic conveying device composition and so on,The impact at high speedTo achieve the purpose of the mill。Use of wind energy into powder at a time,Cancel the traditionalScreening process。The actual grinding process is often at the same time the role of several external force,ButHigh-end crusher is according to piecesEnvironment and tailored。According to the required materialsThe finenessD90Standard(90%The material to the expected fineness)Can differentiate grinderFor the crusher(60The following)、Mill(60-120The eye)、Ultrafine pulverizer(120-300The eye)、Superfine mill(300The item above)。Mainly used in mines,Building materials and other industries。

  Gongyi city JiFeng machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Is located in the town of ZhuLin Town west street,Its unique geographical location provides advantageous conditions for its development。(It is located in between zhengzhou and luoyang nine north Korea,As the core to look south songshan shaolin temple,Look, the longhai railway north、Even khodorkovsky high-speed、310National cheng jing)。The transportation is convenient,Is to go sightseeing、Good place for business negotiation。


  Our company since its establishment,Insist on the introduction of advanced technology at home and abroad,Combining with the actual situation of their own development,Constant innovation,Pioneering spirit,Has become the collection research and development、Manufacturing、Sales for the integration of professional machinery manufacturing enterprises。And become a production all series metal crusher、The two-stage crusher、Mineral processing equipment、Sand production line、Producer gas generator for the main products such as corporate entities。


  Our company always insist on“The quality strives for the survival,Take the market as the guidance,By the good faith as a fundamental”The dominant idea。In line with“Good quality、The user is supreme”The principle of。Adhering to the:“Selling credit first,After selling products,Customer satisfaction is the goal”Sales philosophy。Reflect the user value,Allows users to rest assured,Let customer satisfaction。


  We solemnly promise,Any product for our company,All can provide warm and thoughtful service for the user,And to assist the installation and debugging、Training the operation and maintenance personnel、Supply cost price、Form a complete set of moulds and other systematic services。We will with excellent products,Perfect service return customers to the company I love。At the same time welcome the broad masses of users to visit our company、Inspection,Calls、Our company or income letters to discuss business,Mutual benefit and win-win、Common development。


In strict accordance with theISO 9001:2008AndISO/TS 16949Standard operating process
Strictly control the production of every detail to steadily improve product quality

To reduce the production cost of production in large quantities
Allows the dealer
Let the dealer is lower than the market price for the product。

With fully automatic production line,Have the perfect processing technology in the industry,According to the customer
Demand for customized products,Considerate service,Thoughtful!
Sales network covering the whole country

PerfectThe product line,The port has all over the countryDeclaration rights,Holding their own brands JiFeng mill products,JiFeng adopted“The network+Entity sales”

The business model,With the Internet as a channelE-commerce platformThe user,At the same time through a company exhibition experience,The sample provided,Party of supply in the warehouseService dealers。Really let dealers do market。

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