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  • High temperature resistant battery label
    High temperature resistant battery labelResistance to high temperature label sticker widely used in many electronic productsSMTAnd the wave in the process、The motherboard、Corrosion products、Resistance of mobile and lithium batteries and other products
  • Trademark anti-counterfeit stickers labeling
    Trademark anti-counterfeit stickers labelingTrademark anti-counterfeit stickers labeling has no brush glue、Don't need to paste、Don't dip in water、No pollution、Save the time of labeling, etc,A wide scope of application,Convenient and quick
  • High temperature resistant anti-counterfeiting labels
    High temperature resistant anti-counterfeiting labelsHigh temperature resistant tags based on polyimide film base material,Coated with special pressure sensitive adhesive,Has good chemical resistance and abrasion resistance,The highest resistance can be up to320
  • The serial number barcode label
    The serial number barcode labelYou don't need to buy expensive bar code printing devices,Do not need to specially equipped with operator,More don't need to worry for the damage to the equipment!Code, with professional technology
  • Fast waterproof tag
    Fast waterproof tagCustomers when choosing clothes,Should not only focus on the fabric、Style、The price,More attention to clothing belongs to what kind of security category,Is this dress the importance of health indicators。
  • EliPETStickers
    EliPETStickersEffective use of one of the main factors of the non-drying label is correctly will adhesive peel away from the backing paper surface。 Many people have the wrong Angle from label left or right corner


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Shanghai mai jie printing label co., LTD is a professional production of science and technology enterprises,Main products include standard labels,All label printing,Logistics labels,Resistance to high temperature label,Anti-counterfeiting labels,Daily chemical product label,Jewelry tags,The lasera4The label,Blank label,Label printer, etc。In the development of enterprises,With technology as the forerunner,The quality for this,Service first train of thought is in it。
The eyes of globalisation,Demanding to the raw materials to guarantee the quality of our products get steady。We use the scientific management model can provide you with better label products。
Shanghai jie introduced a variety of levels of all rotary label production models,All import the label of the detector,Label test facilities,Comply with the requirement for quality control of various specifications。
For the general customers,Distribution of retailers to offer better products,Faster delivery time,A better price,Is the consistent policy of company strategy。
Jie label is to be able to trust the brand

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